79 Financial LLC

79 Financial LLC was formed, and filed as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), in 2021 after the acquisition of the money management firm where 79 Financial's founder and Managing Member, Edward Jenkins, had worked for seventeen years.

As a partner, this liquidity event provided the necessary capital and Edward's experience provided him with the strong background necessary to launch this subsequent endeavor. In particular, the passion he has from his advisory client management experience provided a strong base on which to expand and build additional relationships.


The philosophy that is employed when working with clients as a fiduciary advisor is risk-based asset allocation to fund future objectives. Individual positions are optimized based on their ability to maximize their return at a given level of risk. This philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory and seeks to diversify, and to minimize fees, expenses, and taxes.


Edward G. Jenkins, III

Managing Member/Financial Advisor

Ed received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Robert Morris University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and was awarded the university's award of Outstanding Finance Student of the Year in 1997. He started his career and spent several years in retail and commercial banking. In 1998, he entered the securities industry as a Financial Advisor which eventually led to a seventeen year career as a partner with Snow Capital Management. Ed had a diverse range of responsibilities including advisory client management, sales & marketing, compliance, data infrastructure, due diligence reporting, and client service.